Вітаю • Witam • Willkommen

My name is Maksym. I studied in 5 universities in 3 countries in searching of my passion. Despite the fact I had known what I want to do deeply inside, it took 8 years to admit it to myself… I love photography. I really do.

Nemiga | Minsk | 2011

I used to use my father’s old analog camera in 2011. I took pictures of my friends and strangers, animals and architecture, anything I felt is interesting.

Daminika | Minsk | 2011
A woman with a child | Minsk | 2011
After the protest | Minsk | 2011

I liked it so much! I went to Chernobyl Way rally against new nuclear power plant and political establishment, where I took next photos:

And I became a revolutionary. Young guy with hot heart and naive mind! I will never forget this time. Protests, detaining, unfair trial and KGB repression but true friendship, love, support and unbelievable unity. It was a saturated year! But in the end…

Svisloch | Minsk | 2011

I had to leave Belarus. First years of emigration were tough and I forgot about my passion. Until the end of 2019. Now I am back. And I’ve got a digital camera. So, you can expect more photos from me. On this website and on my Instagram profile here as well.

Вітаю • Witam • Willkommen
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